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Steps to Use PepAnalyzer Tool

    Step 1:Type and Paste the Sequence in the Input Box

    Step 2: Select the Properties form the List

    Step 3: Click on Calculate Button

    Step 4: The Output will appear on the next page


Input a peptide sequence, either in upper or lowercase letters. The app will show an alert if ambiguity is detected in the sequence. That is the presence of invalid letters such as "B", "J", "O", "U", "X", "Z" in the sequence entered.

Set parameters

There are 16 types of functionalities available to be calculated for the given peptide sequence and an extra added Blast tool access

  • Physical/Chemical Properties
    • Peptide Size
    • Molecular Weight
    • Distribution of Amino Acid
    • Amino Acid Classifier
  • Predictive Tools
    • Peptide Charge Calculator
    • Aromicity Calculator
    • Half Life Predictor
    • Molar Extinction Coefficient
    • Disulfide Bridges Calculation
    • Binding Potential Calculator
  • Graphical Representations
    • Hydropathy Plot for Peptide
    • Helical Wheel Projection for Peptide
    • Distribution of Amino Acid
    • Amino Acid Classifier
  • Conversion Utility
    • One-to-Three Letter Code Conversion
  • Blast tool


Clicking on Submit will take us to a new page where we can see all the results that have been calculated. If the blast tool was accessed, this may take some time to display results depending on the length of the input sequence.


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Frequently Asked Questions

One sequence at a time.

The graphical plots can be downloaded in the .png format and the blast tool output can be downloaded as a .txt formated file.

Both will work. The tool automatically converts the sequence to uppercase.